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Rosellina Gioielli e Arte
Via Cavour 11, angolo Via Roma
54033 Carrara (MS)
P.IVA 01099290452
telefono rosellina +39 0585 779703+39 0585.779703
cellulare whatsapp rosellina +39 333 5837315+39 333 5837315
cellulare rosellina +39 340 6806884+39 340 6806884
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 Who is Rosellina

... a name that plays with the ambiguity of being name of a doll, of a person and handcraft company. Rosellina is inventor of imagines, sceneries and dolls.

Her characteristic is to create, organize, "build" ideas and objects either based on project related to a specific historical period or on following an adventure of phantasy.

Her work is always based on study and deep analysis always supported by enthusiasm. She leads into an unusual dimension: the dimension of games, light of beauty and serenity.

Her activity is polymorphic. Based on the doll she moves from reconstruction of historic sceneries to the creation of moments to remember to the creation of clothes and costumes to the realization of artistic crafts.